Theo Campbell is a 25-years old Athlete from Bath, who took part in the third season of Love Island (2015). Theo entered the villa on Day32, where he coupled up with Tyla. On Day 41, Theo came out of the villa in 8th Place.


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Can our professional athlete Theo win the race to true love this summer? He’s sprinting in with his sights firmly set on some of our girls - Olivia, Tyla and Amber to be precise. So look out lads, can you keep up with this one? Standing tall at 6’5”, Theo says his USP is his height… Well, our girls have been hunting for taller meat. This cheeky chappy is loud and outgoing, and admits he can be a real show-off. But he’s a big softy at heart and has been known to pull out all the romantic gestures and send flowers. We await our delivery… Theo’s biggest claim to fame to date is partying with Usain Bolt. Ah Theo, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Our Islanders know how to party![1]

Coupling History

Islander Day 1 Day 6 Day 14 Day 20 Day 24 Day 28 Day 34 Day 41 Finale
Theo Not in Villa Tyla Not in Villa