Terry Walsh is a 28-years old carpenter from Surrey, who took part in the second season of Love Island (2015). Terry entered the villa on Day 3, where he coupled up with Malin, staying with her till Day 32, where he re-coupled with Emma-Jane Woodham. On Day 41 he walked out in 5th place, alongside Emma.


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28-year-old Terry is on the hunt for Love Island's answer to 90s favourite Baby Spice, but will our girls be too hot too handle? The Surrey carpenter is used to a bit of glamour, what with dating a page 3 model for seven months, but now Terry is ready to have a laugh and a joke with a more natural-looking girl. (Boobs can be real or fake though, he's not too fussy). Despite his body being illustrated from his neck to his feet, Terry's favourite part of his body is his face. Got to admit, we're quite the fan too![1]

Coupling History

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