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Season 7 is the seventh season of the popular British dating reality TV show; Love Island, hosted by Laura Whitmore and premiering June 28th,2021 on ITV2


After Caroline Flack's passing there were doubts about the upcoming summer season, however these were quelled during the previous season's finale on February 23rd,2020 by host; Laura Whitmore.[1]

On March 8th,2020 it was confirmed that Laura would be returning to host the show for it's seventh season, having signed a £1 million contract[2]

Later that month, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there were concerns the show may not be able to move forward for season. However in early April, the producers revealed that despite the pandemic they're still moving forward with the season, trying to find new ways they could still air it.[3]

However on May 4th,2020 it was officially announced by Kevin Lygo (TV director of ITV) that this season of Love Island would be pushed back to 2021, due to the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.[4]

On May 18th,2020, it was revealed that the producers are considering making this season a pre-recorded show for the first time in the franchise's history.[5] However it should be pointed out that at this point in time, this only a rumour.

On January 31st, 2021 it was reported by the Star that the producers were looking to make this season the biggest in the show's history, in terms of the budget they're using for the show this time round, with notable moves including flying in 3 times as many islanders as normal in case of COVID-illness. It was also mentioned that the season would be airing at the later date of July 2021, instead of the usual June start date.[6]

On March 4th, 2021 it was officially confirmed by ITV that the seventh season would be airing in 2021, but later in the summer than usual, as previously reported.[7]

From May 29th,2021 ITV2 started to release the first teasers for the season featuring host; Laura Whitmore and narrator; Iain Stirling and were aired during the ad breaks of The Masked Dancer UK on ITV.[8] The full trailer for the season was then released on June 5th,2021, confirming that it'd be launching later in June, using the tagline "This is not a drill".[9]

On June 16th,2021 ITV officially announced their plans surrounding the welfare of the islanders both during their participation in the show and after they've come out. These would include having pre-filming medical and psychological assessments with each of the islanders and extra provisions surrounding mental health while in the villa, as well as up to 14 months of contact with islanders and professional social-media training upon leaving the villa.[10]Later that day it was officially confirmed during an interview on "This Morning" that the season would be premiering June 28th,2021.[11]


Auditions for this season, were opened on the day of the Season 6 finale; February 23rd,2020, looking for young singles to take part in the show.[12] The applications for this season were also confirmed to be closing April 30th,2020 but the closing date is extended to April 29th, 2021. However after the season was delayed to the summer of 2021, applications were closed.

Applications for this season re-opened on January 1st,2021, looking for potential new islanders in the upcoming summer season, with the closing date for applications being April 30th,2021.[13] On March 22nd,2021 it was revealed that for the first time ever, the Love Island producers would be partnering with dating app; Tinder, in order to find potential islanders for the new season.[14]

Later on March 26th,2021 it was reported by the Sun, that the producers were looking to try and make sure that the cast for this upcoming season is the most diverse yet, after viewers had previously complained about the lack of body and racial diversity in the show. At the same time, the deadline of April 30th was also scrapped, to allow more time for the casting team.[15]

Keeping in line with previous reports, on April 11th, 2021 it was reported by the Mirror that for the first time ever, the producers were looking to cast islanders of all sexualities, including those who are gay and bisexual.[16]

On May 23rd,2021 the Sun reported that the producers are looking to try and ensure that at least 40% of the islanders are bi-sexual, with a view to heighten the levels of drama on the show, through the potential of unexpected pairings.[17]

However on June 3rd,2021 in an interview with ITV Commissioner; Amanda Stavri conducted by the Radio Times, while promising that they would be trying to deliver the most diverse season yet, she also debunked the previous rumours of LGBT islanders taking part, claiming that their inclusion would be too logistically difficult in regards to Love Island's format.[18]


For this season, the show will be moving back to it's usual location of Majorca, after it's first winter season was based in South Africa. In April 2020, it was rumoured that the location of the villa would be changed to a location in the UK, due to COVID-19, with options like Cornwall and the Isle of White being mentioned.[19]. However this was later rubbished by ITV.

After the success of I'm a celeb's stay in the UK during their 2020 series, it was once again rumoured that the villa could be situated in the UK during January 2021, after comments came from LI narrator ; Iain Stirling.[20] After months of speculation, it was finally revealed on March 29th, that the show would be finally be returning to it's normal location of Majorca, Spain, with the production team having got the green-light from the local government.[21] The first official images of the villa were released on June 27th,2021, revealing a complete revamp for this season.[22]


Alongside the announcement of the show's return to Majorca on March 29th, it was also revealed that the producers were looking to fly out 2 casts of islanders, as a safety measure in case any of the islanders in their initial cast come down with COVID. The initial line-up of islanders were officially revealed on June 21st,2021 just a week before the season premiere, comprising of 5 boys and 6 girls. More islanders will enter later as bombshells.

Aaron Francis
Abigail Rawling
Toby Aromolaran
Chloe Burrows
Tyler Cruickshank
Faye Winter
Teddy Soares
Hugo Hammond
Jake Cornish
Kaz Kamwi
Liam Reardon
Liberty Poole
Lucinda Strafford
Millie Court
Georgia Townend
AJ Bunker
Danny Bibby
Sharon Gaffka
Brad McClelland
Rachel Finni
Oliver Wallis
Shannon Singh


Week 1 Entrances
  • Day 1: After each of the girls had entered, the boys were then introduced one by one into the villa, with them being given the choice of which girl they wanted to couple up with. The final couplings were as such; Jake & Liberty, Aaron & Shannon, Hugo & Sharon, Toby & Kaz, Brad & Faye.
  • Day 2: On Day 1, late entrant Chloe was told that she'd be able to steal a guy off of one of the other girls during the next day. On Day 2, she decided to couple up with Aaron, leaving Shannon single.
  • Day 5:First Re-coupling(Girls Choice)- Kaz & Toby, Liberty & Jake (stayed together). Sharon & Aaron, Faye & Liam, Chloe & Hugo (Re-coupled). Brad, Oliver (left single).
  • Day 6: On Day 5, new girl; Rachel was told that during the next day she would have to couple with one of the 2 single boys; Brad or Oliver, with the one left single being dumped. On Day 6, Rachel made the decision to couple up with Brad.
  • Day 2:Horny Devils-In this challenge, the boys and girls were divided into teams based on gender, with each team taking it in turns to read out secrets correlating to one of the islanders. To make their guess, the question-reader would need to snog the person who they believe it related to and if they got it correct they scored a point. The islander to whom the secret correlated to would then need to spend 10 seconds in an ice pool, and by doing so would score a point. In the end it was a tie between both teams.
  • Day 6:Undercover Lovers-For this challenge, the boys dressed up in James Bond-style tuxedos and were tasked with rescuing their partner, before attempting to make a cocktail for them while lying down on a vibrating machine. The girls would then determine the winner of the challenge, based on who put out the sexiest performance. In the end they decided that Brad was the winner.
  • Day 1: Chloe: Aaron, Brad, Hugo, Jake, Toby (Group date)
  • Day 3: Kaz & Toby (First date)
  • Day 4: Public vote for girls to date the 2 new boys; Liam & Oliver- Liam: Faye, Oliver: Sharon
  • Day 6: Jake & Liberty (Night in the hide-away)
  • Day 2:Shannon(Made single by Chloe)
  • Day 6:Oliver(Not chosen by Rachel)

Week 2 Entrances
  • Day 12: Second Re-coupling(Boys Choice)-Jake & Liberty (Stayed together). Aaron & Kaz, Brad & Liberty, Hugo & Sharon, Liam & Millie, Teddy & Faye, Toby & Chloe (Re-coupled).
  • Day 8:Knowing me, knowing you-In this challenge, each of the couples had their knowledge of each other put to the test, with questions surrounding their partners being put towards them. The answerer would have to write down their answer to the question on their blackboard and if their answer matched with what their partner had on their blackboard, they'd score a point.
  • Day 10:Line of Booty-For this challenge, the girls were dressed up as policewomen, where they had to first slide down a slide, attached to a model police-van, after having previously performed a strip-tease and then they'd have to walk over to a boy of their choice, take their hand and lead them over to a table, that they'd hand-cuff them to. Upon doing this, the girl would have to try and guess what is down the boy's pants as part of an interrogation, before then taking them to a jail-cell and could choose whether or not to have a snog with their prisoner. The boys would then decide the winner, based on who put out the sexiest performance. In the end the boys decided that Kaz was the winner.
  • Day 8: Breakfast dates (all couples)
  • Day 9: New girls Lucinda and Millie were asked to choose 3 boys each to prepare starter, main and dessert dishes for their dates- Lucinda: Brad (starter), Hugo (Main), Aaron (dessert) Millie: Aaron (starter), Liam (Main), Hugo (dessert).
  • Day 11: Jake & Liberty (First date)
  • Day 11: Teddy: Kaz, Rachel, Sharon, Faye (Speed-dates)
  • Day 12:Rachel(Failed to Re-couple)

Week 3 Entrances
  • Day 18:Third Re-coupling(Boys/AJ's Choice)-Jake & Liberty, Aaron & Kaz, Liam & Millie, Toby & Chloe, Teddy & Faye(Stayed together). Danny & Lucinda, AJ & Hugo (Re-coupled).
  • Day 14:Spit the Roast-In this challenge, the couples were each tasked with transferring the entire contents of a roast dinner from one side of the challenge area to the other. The first part of this challenge, entailed the boys having to toss pieces of chicken across the field to their partner, who would have to catch the slices on their chest. Once this was done, the rest of the contents would need to be transferred across, through only the use of their mouth, with the boy picking up the contents and passing it over to their partner. The couple that managed to present the most complete roast on their plate, would be declared the winners and would receive a night in the hideaway. In the end Liam and Millie were declared the winners.
  • Day 16:Stags vs Hens-For this challenges the islanders were divided into 2 teams based on gender; the Boys and the Girls, with the teams taking part in a number of wedding-themed challenges. The first part of this involved a member from each team having to pour a giant cup of water over their head before then flipping it upside down, having to re-do it if they didn't manage to do so. The next part acted as a relay race, featuring 3 challenges; knot-untying, ring-tossing and downing pints. The team to complete all of these first would be the winners of the challenge and win themselves an islander of the opposite sex. In the end the Boys were declared the winners.
  • Day 14: Liam & Millie (Won a night in the hide-away through the challenge; Spit on Roast)
  • Day 15: Brad & Lucinda (First date)
  • Day 17: Danny: Kaz & Sharon (Danny's choices)
  • Day 15: On Day 14, a public vote for most compatible couples was opened-Hugo & Sharon, Chloe & Toby, Brad & Lucinda (Bottom 3 couples)-Brad & Lucinda (Least compatible couple)-Brad-(Chosen by himself and Lucinda)
  • Day 18:Sharon(Failed to Re-couple)

Week 4 Entrances
  • Day 24: Fourth re-coupling(Boys Choice)-Jake & Liberty, Liam & Millie, Teddy & Faye (Stayed together). Aaron & Lucinda, Tyler & Kaz, Hugo & Chloe, Toby & Abigail(Re-coupled).
  • Day 20:Cat-titude-For this challenge, the girls had to dress up in cat-costumes and compete in a course, comprised of 3 different parts; a giant milk-bowl, scratching-post pole and a giant mouse-trap, where they'd have to place their boy (dressed up as a mouse) on and give them a snog. In the end the winner of the challenge would be determined by the boys, based on who put on the sexiest performance.
  • Day 21:Snog, Marry, Pie-In this challenge, the boys and girls took it in turns to choose which islanders of the opposite sex, they wanted to snog by giving a kiss, marry through the use of ring they'd plant on the islander's finger and then pie someone by slamming a cream-pie into their face.
  • Day 22: Faye & Teddy (First date)
  • Day 25: Liam & Millie (First date)
  • Day 22: On Day 21, a public vote for the most popular islanders, was opened- AJ, Chloe, Danny, Lucinda, Teddy, Toby (Least Popular islanders). On Day 22, it was revealed that the most popular girls would have to vote off a least-popular boy and the most popular boys would vote off a least-popular girl- Danny & AJ (Voted off)
  • Day 24:Georgia (Failed to couple).


Challenge Week Day Description Image
Horny Devils 1 2 Viewers beware, don't watch this with your mum in the same room...
Horny Devils.jpg
Undercover Lovers 1 6 From sexy tuxedos down to skimpy thongs, are you ready to see our boys transform themselves for our latest challenge?! Watch as our hunks rescue their damsels in distress, whilst stripping off and showing us what they've got. Oh and there's also vibrating plates, cocktails and spilt liquids all over the show.
Undercover Lover.png
Knowing me, knowing You 2 8 The challenge takes a turn for the worse as Hugo's opinion offends Sharon and Faye.
Knowing me, knowing you 2021.png
Line of Booty 2 10 The girls get handsy and the boys get banged up in today's challenge!
Line of Booty.png
Spit the Roast 3 14 The Islanders mouth to mouth skills are put to the test in the Spit The Roast challenge. The couple with the most presentable whole roast dinner wins!
Spit the Roast.png
Stags vs Hens 3 16 The boys and girls are divided into 2 gender-based teams, to take part in a number of wedding-themed games.
Stags vs Hens.jpg
Cat-titude 4 20 The girls provide the sauce in the latest challenge, CAT-TITUDE! Meow!
Snog, Marry, Pie 4 21 We might be able to work out who they want to snog or marry, but who will they pie?
Snog, Marry, Pie-2021.png

Coupling History

Day 1 Day 5 Day 12 Day 18 Day 24
Aaron Shannon Sharon Kaz Lucinda
Abigail Not in Villa Toby
Chloe Single Hugo Toby Hugo
Faye Brad Liam Teddy
Hugo Sharon Chloe Sharon AJ Chloe
Jake Liberty
Kaz Toby Aaron Tyler
Liam Not in Villa Faye Millie
Liberty Jake
Lucinda Not in Villa Brad Danny Aaron
Millie Not in Villa Liam
Teddy Not in Villa Faye
Toby Kaz Chloe Abigail
Tyler Not in Villa Kaz
Georgia Not in Villa Dumped
Day 24
AJ Not in Villa Hugo Dumped
Day 22
Danny Not in Villa Lucinda Dumped
Day 22
Sharon Hugo Aaron Hugo Dumped
Day 18
Brad Faye Single Lucinda Dumped
Day 15
Rachel Not in Villa Dumped
Day 12
Oliver Not in Villa Single Dumped
Day 6
Shannon Aaron Dumped
Day 2


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