Rachel Christie is a former athlete and model from London, who took part in the first season of Love Island (2015).She entered the villa on Day 1, where she coupled with Omar, whom she stayed with until left the villa on Day 11 in 15th Place.


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  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: Former athlete and model
  • Hometown: London
  • Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum and David Beckham

Feisty Rachel is used to always putting her best foot forward, which must have come in handy as a 400m athlete and heptathlete. When it comes to finding 'the one', the single mum longs for a family man to whisk her off her feet, mainly so she doesn't have to face the washing. "I just wash clothes and do the dishes, so anything is a treat for me! The dream would be a restaurant because I love eating." Here's hoping she finds her Mr. Right, or at least a dishwasher...[1]

Coupling History

Islander Day 1 Day 6 Day 11 Day 33 Finale
Rachel Omar Not in Villa