Olivia Jade Attwood is a 26-years old motorsport grid girl from Guidford, who took part in the third season of Love Island (2015).Olivia entered the villa on Day 1, where she coupled up with Marcel Sommerville, later re-coupling with Sam and Mike. On Day 20, Olivia re-coupled with Chris Hughes, with whom she stayed with for the rest of the duration. On Day 52, she came out in 3rd Place, alongside Chris.


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This blonde bombshell lives by one motto - fake boobs are for everyone! Olivia is our motorsport grid girl, and is ready to join the race for true love this summer. She says she doesn’t need chat-up lines, she’ll just turn on the big doe eyes. A self-confessed starfish in the bedroom, she’s quite lazy in between the sheets, and says that she likes the guy to take control. At 26, she’s had her fair share of dating disasters, including boys who already have girlfriends, and reckons you’d need the help of MI5 to catch some of them out. Her biggest turn-offs include guys who take themselves too seriously, so if you can’t take a bit of banter - Olivia doesn’t want to know! She says she always goes for the loud-mouth joker of the group, and will be looking for him in the villa. Her biggest Love Island fear is dating without apps or social media because usually you can have a little stalk or a flirt pre-meeting, and she knows it’ll be very different getting to know people purely face-to-face. She says people would describe her as a player, but insists she isn’t really - we shall see Olivia, we shall see….[1]

Coupling History

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