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Montana Brown is a 21-years old student from Hertfordshire, who took part in the third season of Love Island.


Montana Brown Biography

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Our Montana promises to bring all the LOLs to the villa - describing herself as both fun…..and funny! This 21-year-old student is our posh totty, but could be looking for something new this summer. Her biggest turn-on is an accent, and with a Mancunian ex, she says she loves anything Northern, Welsh or Irish - not too fussy then! Watch out if you have tattoos, smoke or like clubbing in Ibiza though, as this is Montana’s worst nightmare. Hmm, a tattooed hunk who loves his clubbing? Doesn’t sound like someone we would put in the Love Island villa…. When looking for a dream love match, eyes and teeth are what attracts Montana first - so don’t even bother if you have “gammy teeth”! She’s had her fair share of online dating disasters, and finds it hard to open up, having been cheated on in the past. Montana prides herself on being independent. She says she isn’t very romantic and can be very blunt and honest, if not a little brutal - so don’t cross her, fellow Islanders![1]

Competition History

Montana Brown Comp History

Montana entered the villa on Day 1, where she coupled up with Dom, later re-coupling with Marcel, Sam and Simon, before returning to Dom. On Day 28, she re-coupled with Alex Beattie, whom she stayed with till Day 50. On Day 50, she left the villa in 5th Place with Alex.

Challenge History

Challenge Week Day Place
A Lot of Bottle 1 2 Drew
With the Girls
Splashing Around 1 6 Winner
With the Ice-Cream Team
Kissing Contest 2 9 Winner
With Gabby & Tyne-Lexy
Battle of the Booties 2 12 Fourth Place
Mr and Mrs 3 15 Runner-up
With Sam
Speedy Positions 3 16 Runner-up
With Sam
License to Swill 4 25 Passed
With The Villa
Sexy Charades 4 26 Winner
With the Main Villa
Raunchy Races 4 27 Loser
With the Main Villa
Poll Dancing 5 30 Loser
With the Blue Team
Sausage Fest 6 40 Fifth Place
With Alex
That's What She Said 7 42 Winner
With Alex
Bang On Trend 7 44 Loser
With the Orange Team
Parenting Challenge 7 46 Passed
Talent Contest 7 47 Fourth Place
With Gabby

Date History

Date Week Day Type
Sam 1 4 Public Vote
Mike 2 13 New Islander's Choice
Simon 3 20
Alex 5 29 Hide-Away Date
6 39 Normal Date
7 48 Final Date

Coupling History

Day 1 Day 6 Day 14 Day 20 Day 24 Day 28 Day 34 Day 41 Final
Montana Dom Marcel Sam Simon Dom Alex Dumped
Day 50