Max Morley is a 22-year old professional cricketer from Yorkshire, who took part in the first season of Love Island (2015). Max entered the villa on Day 14 as a late entry, coupling up with Jess. On Day 41, Max walked out as the winner, alongside Jess Hayes.


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  • Age: 22
  • Hometown: Yorkshire
  • Occupation: Professional cricketer

After dating Miss Newcastle for the past eight months, "always live life to the Max" Morley is setting his sights on his very own Miss Love Island, whoever she may be... What type of gal is our Max looking for? "Blondes, blondes, blondes!" he proudly declares, as long as they don't give him any "banter", which apparently would be his worst nightmare.

The professional cricketer has plenty of experience in scoring, and claims to have slept with over two hundred girls. Two hundred girls, and still yet to find 'the one'? Quick, somebody send in the violins...[1]

Coupling History

Islander Day 1 Day 6 Day 11 Day 33 Finale
Max Not in the Villa Jess