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Marvin Anthony is a 24-years old Model from Paris, who took part in the first season of Love Island France.


Marvin Anthony Biography
  • 24 years old | Paris | mannequin
  • His personality :
    • This 24-year-old model lives between London and Paris and loves challenges: he is determined to find love ... Sporty and determined, Marvin does not like being resisted, he is a real go-getter. With girls, he is not shy and knows how to play on his strengths.
  • His cruising technique:
    • Marvin knows how to surround the girls, he makes them laugh, makes them dance and never lets go.
  • His type of woman:
    • He likes inaccessible girls, whether they are brunettes, blondes or redheads, he puts everything on feeling.[1]

Competition History

Marvin Anthony Comp History

Marvin entered the villa on Day 3, as a late entrant. During Day 5's first re-coupling, Marvin was coupled up with Raynande. Marvin decided to stay coupled with Raynande during the second re-coupling on Day 8. During the fourth re-coupling on Day 11, Marvin was re-coupled with Louna. However due to the COVID pandemic, the season was prematurely ended on Day 17, with the pair then being dumped. Their placing is as of February 2021 unknown.

Challenge History

Date History

Date Week Day Type
Raynande 1 4 New Islander Date

Coupling History

Day 1 Day 5 Day 8 Day 11 Finale
Marvin Not in Villa Raynande Louna Dumped
Day 17