Marcel Somerville is a 31-years old Music producer from London, who took part in the third season of Love Island (2015). Marcel entered the villa on Day 1, where he coupled with Olivia Attwood, before re-coupling with Montana. On Day 14, Marcel re-coupled with Gabby, with whom he stayed with till the finale. On Day 52, Marcel walked out in 4th Place, with Gabby.


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Marcel is looking for a blazin’ hot summer in our villa… This former Blazin’ Squad star describes himself as “freaky, passionate and a marathon man” in the bedroom. He couldn’t possibly say how many girls he has slept with, but insists his pulling game is even better now than back in his Squad days. In the outside world, music producer Marcel is never short of a date or two, and says he is always surrounded by females - boasting he was once seeing eight girls at the same time! Now that’s just greedy, if you ask us… Marcel says he tends to stay single to avoid the inevitable risk of breaking hearts. However, if you can manage to pin him down into a relationship, he can be quite romantic, and having reached 31, says he’s now ready to meet that special someone. His dream girl needs to have the perfect smile, something which he believes he has himself. But he can’t quite decide whether he’s a boob or bum man. If Marcel were to describe himself in just three words it would be “tall, dark and handsome”, and his biggest fear this summer is not being able to get his hair cut for seven whole weeks and it turning into a huge afro. If Marcel were a cocktail he says he’d be a Dark and Stormy - because “there is a hurricane brewing”. Watch out Love Island villa, this hurricane is incoming… [1]

Coupling History

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