Love Island is a British dating/reality TV show produced by ITV for ITV2 and is about a selection of singular men and women meeting up on an island and attempting to stay together for the duration of the show in order to win the cash prize. The show is hosted by Caroline Flack and premiered on ITV2 in the year; 2015, with further seasons to follow in the proceeding years.

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The show invites a number of single boys and girls to a villa located in Majorca, Spain. There they are tasked with coupling up with each other and have to stay together for the duration of the game. Throughout the season new contestants will enter the villa and re-coupling sessions will occur, where the islanders can steal another islanders date and vice versa. During this period if an Islander fails to couple up they will be eliminated and will be forced to leave the island.

In their down time, the couples are told to stay together and spend their time socializing with the other Islanders in the villa. Throughout the season there will be a number of tasks/challenges that test the contestants loyalties to their correlating partner. Each of the Islanders are also given a smart-phone to which they can send texts to each other through and will also get notifications about challenges.

In the end of the season, the last couple standing will be awarded the cash prize, however one half of the couple could take the prize all for themselves or if they both try to take it, the couple will receive nothing.



Love Island started out as a Celebrity dating show in the year 2005, airing on the main ITV channel instead of the current ITV2 channel, to which the 2015 version is aired. This version of the show ran for 2 seasons from 2005-2006, before being cancelled in November 2006. This version of the show was presented by three different presenters, being; Fearne Cotton, Patrick Kielty and Kelly Brook


The show was revived by ITV in the year 2015 and was brought onto ITV2. The show would be presented by Caroline Flack and narrated by Iain Stirling. Instead of celebrity contestants this season would feature members of the public taking part in the show. The show would premiere it's first season on 7th June, 2015 and finish on 15th July, 2015 with Jess Hayes and Max Morley coming out as the winners.

The show would continue, coming back each year during the summer, with a current total of 6 seasons having previously aired. On July 24th,2019 it was announced that from 2020 onwards there'd be 2 seasons a year, with one in January. This season premiered January 12th,2020.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it was reported on May 18th,2020 that the producers were looking to air a Goggle-Box style Love Island Spinoff, featuring islanders from the previous 6 seasons looking back at the best and worst moments of the show from their homes.[1]


Season Start Date Final Date Islanders Winners Runners-up Episodes
1(Celebrity) May 16th,2005 July,2005 13 Jayne Middlemiss and Fran Cosgrave Calum Best and Paul Danan TBC
2(Celebrity) 10th July,2006 28th August,2006 16 Bianca Gascoigne and Calum Best Kelle Bryan and Brendan Cole 48

Season Start Date Final Date Islanders Winners Runners-up Prize Episodes
1 7th June,2015 15th July,2015 23 Jess Hayes & Max Morley Jon Clark & Hannah Elizabeth £50,000 29
2 30th May,2016 11th July,2016 26 Cara De La Hoyde & Nathan Massey Alex Bowen & Olivia Buckland 37
3 5th June,2017 24th July,2017 32 Amber Davies & Kem Cetinay Camilla Thurlow & Jamie Jewitt 43
4 4th June,2018 30th July,2018 38 Dani Dyer & Jack Fincham Laura Anderson & Paul Knops 49
5 3rd June,2019 29th July,2019 36 Amber Gill & Greg O'Shea Molly-Mae Hague & Tommy Fury 49
6 12th January,2020 23rd February,2020 32 Finley Tapp & Paige Turley Luke Trotman & Siannise Fudge 36
7 June 28th,2021 TBA TBA

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