Harley Judge is a 22-years old Grounds-Worker from Norwich, who took part in the third season of Love Island (2015). Harley entered the villa on Day 1, where he was coupled up with Amber Davies. On Day 6, Harley failed to re-couple and therefore left the villa in 24th Place.


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Confessing that girls call him a Ken doll, our Harley is hoping to find his Barbie on Love Island… This 22-year-old grounds worker says he has to graft in his job, so he will graft for a girl! Recently single Harley sees entering the villa as a good opportunity to put himself out there and get his mojo back. As you may have guessed, our super buff beau is married to the gym, and knows just what it takes to get that all important gym selfie just right. Now he’s back on the market he’s looking to make all the girls swoon! He has a ruthless streak when it comes to finding love and says that if he was coupled up with someone, but then someone better-suited came along later, he’d have no worries about jumping ship! Bad manners are Harley’s biggest turn off so mind your Ps and Qs ladies, he says a lack of thanks from a girl when he opens a door for her can instantly take her from a 10/10 to a four. Our Norwich lad also hates fake tan on girls, from the appearance to the smell, he’s just not up for it on his bedsheets. Hopefully there’ll be no need for the fake stuff for our sizzling sex sirens by the pool this summer![1]

Coupling History

Islander Day 1 Day 6 Day 14 Day 20 Day 24 Day 28 Day 34 Day 41 Finale
Harley Amber Not in Villa