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Andre Schimmel is a 29-years old Stripper from Augsburg, who took part in the first season of Love Island DE.


Andre Schimmel Biography

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  • Andre is 29 years old, 1.80 meters tall, lives in Augsburg and Mallorca and works as a stripper at the SIXX PAXX and as an entertainer.
  • Andre is fun and loads of action guaranteed. He describes himself as "crazy, cheerful and unique".
  • Andre has been single for five years and has had an open relationship. As a hobby artist and a trained chef, his proposal for a perfect date is cooking together and painting canvases with acrylic. "Maybe we paint with our bodies - who knows?"
  • What Andre's dream woman looks like? "I think the more natural the better. I can not do anything with a woman who has a kilogram of make-up on her face. Since I would say directly: "Come, let's go swimming".
  • His tip to appeal to women: a lot of humor and a bit of courage: "It's not important to have the best look, it's more important to have eggs in your pants."[1]

Competition History

Andre Schimmel Comp History

Andre entered the villa on Day 1, where he was coupled up with Sabrina. He stayed in this coupling till Day 5, where he was re-coupled with Annika. On Day 13, Andre then came out in 10th Place, alongside Annika.

Coupling History

Day 1 Day 5 Day 9 Day 11 Day 14 Day 17 Day 19 Finale
Andre Sabrina Annika Dumped
Day 13