Alex Miller is a 28-years old Structural glazier from Essex, who's taking part in the fourth season of Love Island (2015). He entered the villa on Day 26, as a part of the Casa De Amour twist, and later managed to re-couple with Megan on Day 30 as a part of the Stick or Twist re-coupling. He stayed with Megan till Day 33, where thanks to a public vote, him and Megan ended up as one of the bottom 3 couples. As he wasn't picked by Georgia, he was dumped from the island, finishing in 28th Place.


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  • 28-year-old Structural Glazier from Essex
  • Alex says: "I’ve got a good smile and I can make people feel comfortable really quickly. I’m a gentleman, girls will appreciate that. I’m more of a man, the girls have been messing around with boys in the villa, it’s time for a man to go in! A lot of people say I’m very handsome, I’ve got nice teeth, not as white as Jack’s but I didn’t pay for mine!"[1]

Coupling History

Islander Day 1 Day 6 Day 10 Day 20 Day 30 Day 40
Alex M Not in Villa Megan Dumped