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Alex George is a 27-years old A & E doctor from Carmethen Wales, who took part in the fourth season of Love Island.


Alex George Biography

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  • Name: Dr. Alex George
  • Age: 27
  • Location: Carmarthen, West Wales
  • Occupation: A&E Doctor
  • "I don’t like high maintenance girls. I think it’s brilliant to look good but spending three hours to get ready to go and walk on the beach is too much for me."[1]

Competition History

Alex George Comp History

Alex entered the villa on Day 1, where he initially coupled up with Laura, but was later forced to couple up with Samira Mighty. Later on Day 20, Alex was finally able to couple with another girl; Ellie Brown whom he stayed with till Day 26, where he entered Casa De Amour. On Day 30 he returned to the villa coupled up with new girl; Grace Wardle. After Grace's dumping on Day 37, Alex was left single until Day 40, where he re-coupled with new girl; Alexandra. This relationship lasted till 57, where the two came out in 5th Place.

Challenge History

Challenge Week Day Place
Excess Baggage 1 3 Winner
With the Boys
Meals on Wheels 2 10 Fifth Place
With Samira
Love Fest 4 22 Fourth Place
With Ellie B
Magic Numbers 4 23 Sixth Place
With Ellie B
Shaken and Stirred 4 27 Loser
With Casa Amor
Cheeky Challenges 4 27 Loser
With Casa Amor
Babewatch 5 31 Seventh Place
With Grace
Heart Race 5 34 Winner
With the Boys
Hot Stuff 6 40 TBC
Twitter Bingo 6 40 Third Place
With Alexandra
Master Bakers 7 47 TBC
Parenting Challenge 8 53 Failed

Date History

Date Week Day Type
Rosie 1 4 Result of a Public Vote
Megan 2 8 New Islander's Choice
Ellie B 3 16 New Islander's Choice
Alexandra 6 39 New Islander's Choice
8 54 Final Date

Coupling History

Day 1 Day 6 Day 10 Day 20 Day 30 Day 40 Day 47 Final
Alex G Samira Ellie B Grace Alexandra Dumped
Day 57

Post Love Island

Upon leaving Love Island, Alex didn't leave the show in a relationship, as he and Alexandra fell out in the villa and split, but they still remained friends. Later that year during the 2018 Christmas special, Alex revealed to the guys that he was seeing someone.

This girl was rumoured to be Team GB's Olympic Snowboarder; Aimee Fuller, who he'd met earlier in September at the Davis Cup in Glasgow. However a representative for Alex did step forward to reveal that she wasn't who he'd been talking about and that the 2 were just friends.

Early in 2019, Alex revealed his girlfriend to be; former Ibiza Weekender star Amelia Bath. As of May 2019, Alex is still together with Amelia.

After appearing on Love Island, Alex appeared on a number of different talk shows such as Lorraine and Loose Women as a guest. He was also a guest health editor on Good Morning Britain for a couple of episodes. Apart from those TV appearances, Alex has generally gone back to his job as a doctor.

Alex has also been using his Instagram and other social platforms in order to help to give out helpful health and well-being tips to young people and his followers.