Alex Bowen is a 24-years old scaffolder from Birmingham, who took part in the second season of Love Island (2015). Alex entered the villa on Day 18 as a late entrant, coupling up with Olivia, with whom he stayed with until the finale. On Day 45, he came out as the runner-up, alongside Olivia Buckland.


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Make way for Alex, a 24-year-old scaffolder from the bright lights of Wolverhampton. He might be used to reaching the highest heights in his 9-5 job, but will any of our Love Island lovelies send him sky high? "I don't really have a type - I like girls with tattoos". A little word of warning though, just because you've got the tats doesn't mean you've won him over just yet. Alex is all about the mega bants, or as he puts it "I don't want a drip with no personality." Confident, caring, and full-on cocky, Adam doesn't mind shaking things up in the villa, or even coming between a couple if that's what it takes. "I have no loyalty to the guys, this is what it's about - going in and cracking on with the girls, so that's what I intend to do."[1]

Coupling History

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