Adam Collard is a 22-years old Personal trainer, who took part in the fourth season of Love Island.


Adam Collard Biography

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  • Name: Adam Collard
  • Age: 22
  • Location: Newcastle
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer and Gym Director

“I would say I’m a ten out of ten. Maybe a nine out of ten... I’m not good at washing the dishes.”[1]

Competition History

Adam Collard Comp History

Adam entered the villa on Day 1, where he arrived as part of a twist, where he'd be able to steal one of the guys partners at the end of the first day. There he coupled up with Kendall, whom he dumped on Day 6, for new girl; Rosie. He stayed with Rosie, till Day 20 where he re-coupled with new girl Zara. However on Day 25, he and Zara were forcibly split-up due to Zara being dumped, with Adam then moving into Casa De Amour on Day 26. On Day 30, he returned to the main villa, having re-coupled with Daryll as a part of the Stick or Twist re-coupling. On Day 33, he and Daryll ended up in the bottom 3 couples thanks to a public and as Georgia didn't pick him, he was dumped from the island, finishing in 17th Place.

Challenge History

Challenge Week Day Place
Excess Baggage 1 3 Winner
With the Boys
Meals on Wheels 2 10 Runner-up
With Rosie
Love Fest 4 22 Sixth Place
With Zara
Magic Numbers 4 23 Runner-up
With Zara
Shaken and Stirred 4 27 Loser
With Casa Amor
Cheeky Challenges 4 27 Loser
With Casa Amor
Babewatch 5 31 Runner-up
With Daryll

Date History

Date Week Day Type
Kendall 1 2 New Islander's Choice
Zara 3 16

Coupling History

Day 1 Day 6 Day 10 Day 20 Day 30 Day 40 Day 47 Final
Adam N/A Rosie Zara Daryll Dumped
Day 33


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